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Strategy Consulting

Customized strategy formulation for your business growth

Annual marketing plan

The most critical activity for a marketing team is to get the annual plan right. This can potentially create the maximum impact on the growth of the business. With decisions around key objectives, allocation of marketing budgets, and optimization of resources, the only effective way to approach this is through a holistic and comprehensive approach.

Competitive analysis

Knowing the strategy and execution plan of your key competitors is critical when determining the steps to counter their products or services. Going beyond basic metrics like pricing, distribution, portfolio range and other quantitative factors, we also perform deep analysis of the intent, strategic direction and perceptual mapping of each competitor brand.

Portfolio management

Decisions on the breadth and depth of each part of your portfolio are important, not just when starting a business, but at each and every strategic juncture. Having helped businesses and start-ups with this aspect for several years now, our team is well-equipped to provide data-backed insights and recommendations for your brand.

Rebranding Strategy

Based on external trends, shifts in user preferences, competition strategies and portfolio changes, your business might have to go through an exercise to change the brand positioning. While this is more frequently seen in start-ups, we have also helped heritage brands to re-invent their brands and reap the rewards in the form of revenue growth.

Go-to-market strategy

Exploring the option of entering a new geographic or demographic market? We specialize in creating a fully customized strategy that will uniquely align with your objectives, to ensure sustainable growth and scalability. We have successfully implemented this for our clients across FMCG, E-commerce, services, healthcare and education domains.

Consumer segmentation

Struggling to understand critical behavioural patterns or predict user preferences? This is an extremely common but complex challenge faced by several businesses, and also the one factor which can really propel exponential growth if resolved. There is more to this than just demographic, psychographic and behavioural traits, and cracking that is the key to achieving growth.

Corporate/pitch deck

Putting together the core essence of your business is a skill which is part science and part art. By adopting a audience-driven approach to the process, we focus on delivering the best possible presentation for your business. If you need the perfect corporate profile or the killer pitch deck, look no further than our end-to-end solution.

Personal Branding

Building and sustaining your personal brand is an integral part of the digital world today, not just for celebrities but for entrepreneurs, businessmen and even corporate leaders. The power of a well constructed and managed personal brand can never be emphasized too much. Content, design, insights and engagement all come together to work their magic for your brand.

Product/brand extensions

Businesses that are looking to expand and grow their portfolio need expertise on understanding of transition dynamics. The extension would work best when you are able to leverage the current brand equity of the parent brand, while ensuring alignment with the unique traits of the new domain. Getting this right can ensure sustainable growth. 

Pricing strategy

The pricing model and discounting structure would impact your revenue projections and growth metrics in a disproportionate way. Based on competition benchmarking, user preferences, external trends and unit economics, we will help with formulating the right pricing for your portfolio, so that you neither underprice nor lose out on potential revenue.

Market research

Understanding the changing pulse of the consumers and evolving trends of the domain would ensure that your business is best placed to leverage the intel. Through a combination of qualitative insights and quantitative data, the report will provide answers to all your key questions. This can be executed both on digital and offline channels, based on your audience.

Brand communciation

The brand is only as good as what it communicates to the world. Having the right strategy and then ensuring implementation adherence across all channels is our fool-proof solution to provide you with the specially curated brand communication that is aligned to your business objectives. Today, listening and responding is as important as speaking, and that is where our approach stands out.

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