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Offline Marketing

Effective ROI driven offline marketing campaign

Outdoor advertising

Even the most traditional forms of advertising can give spectacular results if approached in an innovative manner. Right from location and inventory to type of collateral and actual content and design, we ensure that every aspect is taken care of, to deliver the right impressions and reach among your target audience.

Offline digital advertising

Digital is no longer restricted only to laptop and mobile devices. With digital screens at strategic locations across offline touchpoints, this is an upcoming solution that has delighted many of our clients already. With enhanced visibility into metrics and the possibility of geographic targeting, this truly offers the best of both worlds- offline and digital.


Bus advertising

The inventory available for brands on the state-owned buses in major cities in India is a time-tested marketing tool for brands looking for relevant reach. While the content and design need to be aligned to the objectives of the campaign, the choice of routes and other variables need to be planned carefully to ensure effectiveness of the campaign. 


Standees & Banners

For brands looking for big impact and mass reach, banners at strategic locations are a no-brainer. Similarly, for businesses looking at offline touch-points with their consumers, standees are an attractive option across domains. Often, these can also be combined with co-branded campaigns and brand partnerships for mutual benefits.


Pamphlets & Flyers

What is said on a pamphlet/flyer and how it is said can make all the difference between the reader discarding the same, and actually taking action as per the marketing objectives. With a creative and well-thought out approach, we offer solutions that provide amazing results, without burning a hole in your pocket.


Theatre advertising

No matter how much digital and OTT grow, the classic charm of watching a movie on the big screen continues to be one that never fades. If a brand is able to align its budgets with the right kind of content and audience, the impact of the brand communication is amplified exponentially in theatre advertising, and easily exceeds that of all other marketing channels.


Newspaper inserts

Reaching your target audience and potential customers at their home, especially at a time of high engagement, is every marketer's dream. Newspaper inserts offer the possibility for hyperlocal and retail brands, as well as start-ups, to drive traffic and facilitate action. Offline-to-digital user journeys and attribution of campaigns are also possible through this medium.

Guerrilla marketing

Using unconventional and out-of-the-box strategies to drive brand visibility and action is usually referred to as guerilla marketing. While the term is used very loosely these days, any initiative which feeds into unexpected impact in the minds of your audience would slot into this category, including stealth, ambush, viral and street marketing.

Brand activations & Kiosks

If interaction with the audience at offline touch points and strategic locations is central to your marketing plans, then brand activations should be an integral part of your armoury. Many businesses struggle with engaging customers at kiosks, due to limited understanding of core motivations. If done right, this can be your special growth hack.


Radio advertising

Another good option for businesses and brands looking for widespread reach and time-bound engagement would be the humble radio advertising. With multiple forms of integration possible today, this is no longer a simple paid campaign mode, but offers the possibility of reaching out to your audience in what would be perceived as a natural integration.


Product Merchandising

Product giveaways and branded merchandise are ever-popular marketing tools. Ranging from B2B SaaS companies to E-commerce and retail brands, there are so many interesting and innovative options available for brands. Functionality, brand visibility, cost, and scalability are the main factors to be considered while curating product merchandising campaigns.


Press release (PR)

While brands continue to spend on performance marketing and other paid campaigns, the long-term and sustainable game of PR is often under-leveraged. Done right, a solid PR campaign can deliver disproportionate results and drive increase in brand equity like no other campaign can. There is also the possibility of strategic paid PR.

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