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Brand Partnerships

Curated engagement with clutter-free content creators

Influencer campaigns

The best way to advertise your product is through positive word-of-mouth. In this fast-paced digital world, it is easy to promote a brand through personalized videos, photos and reels in an organic way through experts and influencers. Done right, influencer marketing can not just guarantee brand visibility and reach but also increase sales.

YouTube channels

YouTube is a versatile platform, offering brands the scope for both organic and paid collaborations. Brands can opt for either solo promotional videos or deep integration in organically created content. Based on the insights, the audience and the popularity, it is important to choose the right channels for each YouTube integration campaign, to maximize the impact of the campaign.

TV shows & programs

With a huge viewership among specific segments of the audience, TV shows and programs are the ideal option for businesses that have a mass market. The secret sauce here is to ensure a natural integration with the core content, so that the audience is engaged with the narrative. Based on the objectives, the content needs to be chosen for best results.

In-film integration

Films are an eternal favourite for most of us, and they also offer a great opportunity for brands to break the clutter. In-film integration ensures strong alignment of the brand story to the content narrative. This is an effective and innovative way of targeting a large audience within a short span of time and with minimal effort.

Event sponsorship

Events provide brands with the chance to create high engagement and interaction with their prospective customers. Sponsorship can be either in form of monetary contribution or in the form of a barter collaboration. It is always important to ensure that the deliverables are clearly agreed upon to avoid ambiguity during the event.

Co-branded campaigns

Several innovative campaigns have been created through brands coming together and collaborating on mutual objectives. With the obvious advantages of enhanced reach and cost benefits, this brings out the challenge of managing individual brand aspirations and alignment to common themes. If done right, this is a sure-shot winning proposition.

Sports marketing

Sports offers a amazing opportunity for brands to connect with their target audience in a highly engaging environment. With multiple avenues of integration possible across digital, offline and traditional channels, this is one of the most lucrative and exciting options for brands that are focussed on maximizing return on investment.

OTT web-series

OTT is growing at a rapid pace, with more youngsters preferring to watch the latest shows and films at their convenience. Brand collaboration can either be in form of advertisements in between the show slots or an exclusive show for promoting the brand by collaborating with trending channels or even a placement of the brand  within the show.

Celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is a very interesting marketing strategy that uses the celebrity's fame and brand value to promote the product or service. There are even non-monetary collaborations to raise awareness for good causes. Depending on the target audience, different types of celebrities would fit the campaign strategy.

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