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ChakraView Consulting

ChakraView Consulting is a brand strategy consulting and digital marketing consulting practice, that was established in the year 2014. Over the course of the last 8 years, we have handled several exciting brands across diverse industries and delivered phenomenal growth trajectories for these companies. Our core expertise lies in business strategy, growth hacking, digital marketing, analytics and brand consulting.


At ChakraView Consulting, we focus on helping businesses grow by tackling and solving challenges around marketing and brand strategy. Having worked with multiple brands across categories, ranging from FMCG and consumer durables to E-commerce start-ups, real estate, education, SaaS products, and media brands, we have a proven track record of delivering sustainable value to the brands that we associate with.

With extensive expertise in the domains of digital marketing, BTL activations, consumer buying behavior, brand launches, product/brand extensions, pricing/portfolio strategy, brand partnerships, and go-to-market strategies, we cover a diverse set of services, to ensure that we can craft a solution which is customized perfectly for your business.

Propel the growth of brands in a sustainable and honest manner, through cutting edge strategy and innovative marketing solutions.

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